About us

Our Background

TAAJ Money Transfer is the leading mobile money transfer company in Somaliland, with an increasing number of branches and agents in Somaliland and worldwide. Established with a mission of making money transfer simple, fast and fair. Taaj has become an effective and reliable money transfer service that enables the costumers to send money to family and friends worldwide.

Our vision

Our vision is not only to continue strengthening our position in the Somaliland market, but also expand our global presence. We are strongly determined to become the leading international mobile money transfer provider in Africa, by continuing to innovate to provide consumers and businesses with even more choices – in services

Regulatory Compliance

Taaj holds a license from the Central Bank of Somaliland and therefore conducts its business in full complaince with all national laws and regulations. We also adhere to international regulations and recommendations related to Anti-Money Laundering(AML) and accordingly maintain comprehensive risked-based AML- procedures, which includes client screening and monitoring requirements, “know your customer” policies, as well as reporting of suspicious activities.

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